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Should the acne drug that 'cost Annabel Wright and Jon Medland their lives' be banned for under-18s?

Jonathan Medland's voice crackles with anger and emotion when he talks about his beloved son Jon, who tragically took his own life aged just 22.

'He was the most exuberant, engaging, funny and amazing young man you could ever wish to meet — nobody had a bad word to say about him — he was really going places,' says Jonathan, 66, a retired driving instructor from Barnstaple in Devon. 'But that drug did something terrible to his brain.'

The drug he's referring to is isotretinoin — brand name Roaccutane — a pill first licensed in the UK for the treatment of severe acne in 1983 and since taken by hundreds of thousands of patients.

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Source: Mail Online 31 July 2023


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