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World's Best Hospitals 2023

These are challenging times for hospitals. Covid-19 put unprecedented stress on health systems, as have inflation and global financial uncertainty. In the USA and around the world, leading hospitals are dealing with rising costs, aging populations and a medical workforce exhausted from battling a global pandemic.

Among the hallmarks of great hospitals, however, are not just first-class care, first-class research and first-class innovation. The very best institutions also share another quality: consistency. The world's best hospitals consistently attract the best people and provide the best outcomes for patients as well as the most important new therapies and research. Of all the hospitals in the world, relatively few can do all those things year in and year out. 

To recognise them, Newsweek and global data firm Statista have put together their fifth annual listing of the World's Best Hospitals 2023. This year, they have ranked over 2,300 hospitals in 28 countries, including one that is new to the list, Taiwan. For the first time, they have ranked all top 250 global hospitals. They have listed the best hospitals by country; each country list also includes a listing of top specialty hospitals.

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Source: News Week


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