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Royal College of Midwives warns maternity strategy is urgently needed in Northern Ireland

The Royal College of Midwives says the need for a maternity strategy in Northern Ireland has gone beyond urgent and is now critical.

The warning comes as the RCM is publishing a report on Northern Ireland's maternity services at Stormont on Tuesday.

The report will highlight growing challenges as more women across the country with additional health needs are being cared for by maternity services.

The RCM report will outline three steps to deliver high quality and safe services for women and families.

  • Develop, publish and fund the implementation of a new maternity and neonatal strategy for Northern Ireland.
  • Sustain the number of places for new student midwives at their recent, higher level.
  • Focus on retaining the midwives in the HSC.

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Source: ITV News, 30 May 2023


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