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Menopause: Post-hysterectomy care in NI must improve, says patient

A woman who had a hysterectomy has said she was discharged without sufficient information on its impact on her physical and mental health.

Mechelle Davis, from County Down, said it was crucial women left hospital with appropriate medication and advice.

Her operation involved removal of her womb, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and cervix.

Ms Davis was 48 when she had her operation and said she had no option but to look online for advice, something she described as "unsatisfactory".

"I had the operation in October 2022 and didn't go on HRT until the following February," she told BBC News NI.

"Every woman who is going through the menopause - including surgically induced - needs support.

In its online tool for clinicians, British Menopause Society advise that HRT plays a significant role in managing surgical menopause, especially in women under 45 - provided there are no contradictions such as personal history of hormone dependant cancer.

It also adds that "all women undergoing surgical menopause should have counselling and be provided with information about the hormonal consequences of surgery and the role of HRT, both before surgery and before leaving hospital with clear communication to the primary care team."

BBC News NI has spoken to other women who, after having a hysterectomy, were discharged without advice or a HRT prescription.

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Source: BBC News, 23 May 2023

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