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‘Free’ NHS makes people ‘lazy’ says pharmacy chief

The director of a leading pharmacy chain invited to advise the prime minister on healthcare reform has claimed the NHS makes people too “lazy” to take responsibility for their health.

Day Lewis director Sam Patel also said the fact the NHS was “free” meant there was little “jeopardy” discouraging people from becoming ill, and encouraged people to accept a lower level of care.

Mr Patel’s fellow Day Lewis director Jay Patel was one of the private healthcare leaders invited to Rishi Sunak’s Downing Street health summit this January. The company has more than 250 branches concentrated in London and the south of England.

Speaking at an event organised by strategy advisory firm Global Counsel last week, Mr Patel said: “Having an NHS fundamentally makes too many people lazy about taking care of their own health.

“Anything that’s free we just accept a lower level of care…. [We should be] making sure we’re taking good care of ourselves with vitamins, minerals, supplements, staying fit."

”... the jeopardy of feeling ill is not that bad because you get taken care of. In other countries, even in emerging markets like India where my parents originally come from, people spend vast amounts to make sure they don’t get ill because there is jeopardy in doing so. We need to change the population’s mindset to take care of themselves.”

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Source: HSJ, 3 April 2023


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