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East Kent hospitals: Maternity concerns at baby death NHS trust

Hospital inspectors have raised safety concerns over maternity care at an NHS trust where dozens of babies died unnecessarily.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is threatening the East Kent Hospitals trust with enforcement action to ensure patients are protected.

An independent review in October found that at least 45 babies might have survived with better care at the trust.

The East Kent Hospitals trust has been approached for comment.

Inspectors carried out an unannounced inspection of the trust's maternity services over two days last week.

Following the visit, the CQC has now written to the trust "to request evidence of the steps it is taking to ensure people are safe and protected from risk."

In a statement to the BBC, Deanna Westwood, a director of operations with the CQC, said they would "review the trust's response to determine whether the use of our enforcement powers is required."

The warning comes just four months after the trust was severely criticised for its maternity care between 2009 and 2020.

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Source: BBC News, 18 January 2023

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