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Discharge guidance could see patients die

Patients discharged from hospital without social care packages could die at home, doctors have warned.

They said Welsh government advice to do this showed a system at breaking point.

The British Medical Association (BMA) said it rejects the guidance to "change the risk threshold" for releasing people from hospital.

The Welsh government said discharging patients could help them get better "by reducing the risk of infection and muscle wastage".

Royal College of General Practitioners Wales chairwoman, Rowena Christmas, said the NHS was "unbelievably stretched".

"A frail, elderly person coming home, who can't really safely get from their bed or their chair to the bathroom without risk of falling over, they're not going to be able to survive at home," Dr Christmas said.

"I completely understand we need more beds, but that feels like a bad move."

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Source: BBC News, 6 January 2023


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