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Four trusts added to NHSE ‘help list’

NHS England has revealed the latest list of trusts which it has identified as needing the most support to meet electives and cancer targets.

The national body identified 15 trusts which have been assessed as being at most risk of not meeting the key targets of either having no patients waiting 78 weeks or more for elective treatment by April 2023, or returning their 62-day cancer waiting list backlog to pre-pandemic levels by March 2023.

The 15 challenged trusts, which make up around 12% of acute trusts in England, are receiving “tier one” support which involves oversight from national teams, on-site expertise, extra funding and recruitment, and possible calls between their CEOs and government ministers.

NHS England said it has recently added four trusts to “tier one” for electives and cancer – York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals FT, North West Anglia FT, and Royal Devon and Exeter FT. York and Scarborough FT, Sheffield FT, and North West Anglia FT has previously been in tier two for cancer services only, while Royal Devon and Exeter FT had previously been in tier one for electives only but is now in tier one support for cancer as well.  

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Source: HSJ, 23 December 2022


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