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Nottingham hospital menopause scheme hailed by staff

Hospital staff in Nottingham have said they are keen to build on the success of its menopause support scheme.

Nottingham University Hospitals Trust (NUH) said 24% of its staff were aged 45-55, the most common age for the condition.

Staff can ask for lighter uniforms, shift changes, more time to complete tasks or access to fans in offices. Advice, awareness training and access to specialist staff are also part of the scheme.

The staff wellbeing team at NUH said they were "inundated" with messages from colleagues who were struggling.

Jenny Good, NUH Staff Wellbeing Lead, said: "We strongly believe that menopause is an issue for everybody. Everyone knows somebody who will go through it.

"We wanted to equip everyone who works at NUH with an awareness of what menopause is.

"We're really proud that we're the first NHS trust to get the accreditation.

"The conversation has opened up."

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Source: BBC News, 18 December 2022


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