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Young mother reveals sepsis warning signs after losing both feet and 10 fingers

A young mother lost both her feet and all 10 fingers to sepsis after a significant delay in treatment, an investigation has found.

Sadie Kemp has been left permanently disabled from the “dangerous condition”, whilst an NHS hospital probe found a 3.5 hour delay in starting her care.

Sadie is now calling for lessons to be learned after the internal report found numerous concerns in her treatment that ultimately led to her needing multiple amputations.

The 35-year-old mother-of-two first attended A&E with agonising back pain caused by a kidney stone on Christmas night 2021.

She was given pain relief at Hinchingbrooke Hospital, Cambridgeshire, and sent home to return the following morning for a kidney scan.

She returned the same night at 4am as her pain endured.

An assessment at 5.40am found she may have also been suffering from sepsis, but the step-by-step guide to chart and treat the illness was not found in her notes as being done at the time.

The investigation found not only should the sepsis have been discovered and treated sooner, but the “lack of effective treatment” of the sepsis prior to the surgery meant she needed prolonged critical care.

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Source: The Independent, 22 November 2022


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