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Brazilian Butt Lift can be made safer say surgeons

UK plastic surgeons have released new guidelines to try to make Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedures safer for people who desire a bigger bottom.

Some women have died from the operation, which involves sucking out fat from elsewhere - such as the belly - and injecting it into butt cheeks.

The British Association of Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) says the injections should not go very deep to help avoid complications such as dangerous clots.

According to the NHS, it has the highest death rate of all cosmetic procedures, and the risk of death from BBL surgery is at least 10 times higher than many other procedures.

A major concern is that the injected fat can cause a blockage in a blood vessel in the lungs - called a pulmonary embolism - which can be fatal.

This happened to Leah Cambridge, a beautician and mother of three from Leeds.

She suffered a massive pulmonary embolism during the operation at a private hospital in Turkey in 2018, a coroner found.

BAAPS president Marc Pacifico told the BBC: "Unfortunately we don't know how many people have been going for these risky BBL procedures. We have been recommending against it for a number of years after seeing quite a frightening death rate associated with it. But people have been going abroad to get it done."

"Make sure you ask if the surgeon will be using ultrasound for gluteal fat grafting. We are recommending that surgeons should only perform this with real time ultrasound guidance as the only way to ensure the procedure is performed superficially and safely."

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Source: BBC News, 10 October 2022


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