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NI health campaigners say 'enough is enough'

Former patients and families of those affected by some of Northern Ireland's worst health scandals have called for accountability at every level of the health service.

The collective of campaigners gathered at Stormont in protest on Saturday.

They have demanded change, saying "enough is enough".

They included those affected by systemic failures identified in neurology, urology, care homes and hyponatraemia.

Danielle O'Neill, a former patient of the neurologist Dr Michael Watt, whose practice led to Northern Ireland's largest patient recall, was among them.

"It's important for us to stand here today as a collective with all of the other scandals to show that we demand an individual duty of candour," she said.

"We demand accountability, we demand justice.

"There have been far too many health scandals in our health service."

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Source: BBC News, 4 September 2022


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