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Former King's Lynn journalist Kath Sansom's Sling the Mesh campaign raises awareness of mesh implant surgery

Kath Sansom, a former journalist from Lynn is raising awareness about the potential risks associated with vaginal and rectal mesh surgery.

Mesh implant surgery is used to treat prolapse and incontinence in women usually following childbirth, and some men have also had the procedure. But pain and complications after the implants have left hundreds of people in the UK in pain and so a campaign in 2015 was launched which has led to the Government announcing a suspension in the use of vaginal mesh.

Kath initiated the Sling The Mesh campaign in 2015 following her own experience of mesh surgery. She said: "What is most important to women is financial redress. We are all innocent and have had our health and lives compromised. We shouldn't have to wait 40 years, as the victims of contaminated blood have. Some women are in wheelchairs and have lost pensions. I am not the woman that I was. It has taken a financial, physical and emotional toll."

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Source: Lynn News (24 August 2022)


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