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Supply problems with life-saving IV feed could continue for months, warn NHS bosses

Hundreds of patients have been warned supply problems with the specially made IV feed they need to stay alive is likely to continue for months.

NHS England, which declared a national emergency incident in the summer because of the delays in production of intravenous nutrition, has written to patients warning the problems are far from resolved.

Dozens of patients have been admitted to hospital in the past six months because of the supply shortage, which was sparked in June when the main manufacturer, Calea, based in Runcorn, was hit by overnight restrictions by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Since the shortages started the NHS has been forced to fly in feed from other European countries, while some patients have had to switch from their bespoke feed to so-called off-the-shelf bags which don’t contain everything they need in the right quantities. Some hospitals have admitted patients to hospital to make sure they receive what they need because of fears for their health or lack of supplies in the community.

Initially it had been hoped the delays in production would be improved by the end of the year, but in a letter sent to some patients, seen by The Independent, NHS bosses warn patients could be facing many more months of delays.

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Source: The Independent, 1 January 2020


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