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GP sexually abused 48 patients over 35 years

A doctor from North Lanarkshire has been found guilty of 54 sex offence charges against women over 35 years.

Krishna Singh, 72, kissed, groped, gave inappropriate examinations and made sleazy comments to 48 patients during appointments in various medical settings.

Prosecutors described how the sexual predator was "hiding in plain sight" over nearly four decades.

The offences mainly occurred at medical practices in North Lanarkshire, but also at a hospital accident and emergency department, a police station and during visits to patients' homes.

An investigation was launched into his behaviour when one woman reported him to authorities in 2018. A letter was then sent to all patients at the practice to see if they could help in the police inquiry.

Many women became so uncomfortable going to see the GP that they brought a friend or relative to appointments.

One woman tried to make her medication last longer to delay having to go back and see him.

Prosecutor Angela Gray told the jury during the trial that Singh had been in a routine of abusing his position to offend against women.

She said: "Sexual offending was part of his working life. Access to women as and when the situation arose and taking the chances when he could."

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Source: BBC News, 14 April 2022


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