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AI software predicting daily A&E admissions rolled out in 100 NHS hospitals

New artificial intelligence software being rolled-out in NHS hospitals will be able to predict daily A&E admissions weeks in advance.

The software, which launched in 100 hospitals across England on Monday, analyses data, including Covid infections rates, 111 calls and traffic to predict the number of patients that will seek emergency care.

It also takes into consideration public holidays, such as New Year’s Eve, when A&E is more likely to be busy.

The AI software is being rolled after trials showed an “impressive” ability to forecast admissions up to three weeks in advance.

The NHS believes it will help tackle the record waiting list and allow hospitals to more easily manage their patient and bed capacity, prepare for busier days and staff up when needed.

Nine trusts were given the software to use during the pandemic which notified them of expected spikes in cases, staff levels and numbers of beds and equipment necessary.

However, hospitals receiving the new equipment have also been warned uncertainties within the data mean the system should be used as a “starting point to consider an operational response, not as a definite signal for action.”

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Source: The Independent, 28 March 2022


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