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Opinion: I’m stuck in a hospital that’s starved of funds – let’s not forget the NHS when we vote

Having spent 5 months in a hospital bed, Jame Hale, a disabled poet and essayist, urges us as we go into this election not to forget the damage that’s been done to the NHS – and the individual, human casualties that have resulted. 

"High-quality staff are not enough if we put them in environments where they cannot do their best", Jame says to the Guardian newspaper. 

"An NHS in this state is a stain on the country, and an ongoing risk to patient safety. It’s come about because of nine years of persistent underfunding and austerity, which has come on top of PFI hospital-building initiatives that have loaded hospital trusts with unsustainable repayments."

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Source: The Guardian, 7 November 2019



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