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‘A bleak picture’: Nurse vacancies increase across English NHS

New data from NHS Digital on the latest vacancy statistics shows as of June 2021 there were 38,952 registered nurse vacancies across the health service, with the Royal College of Nursing saying news of worsening nurse shortages should “stun” ministers into taking action. 

RCN England director, Patricia Marquis, has said: “As health and care services head into what will be a very difficult winter, this should stun ministers to address the rising number of nursing vacancies and prevent further risk to patient care. After the pressures from the last 18 months we also know that many experienced nurses are considering leaving the profession. These are skills that cannot be replaced quickly. Unless there is an urgent investment in the nursing workforce, starting with an increase in pay that reflects their skill and professionalism, and there is accountability for workforce planning at ministerial level, we will be dealing with the fallout for years to come.”

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Source: Nursing Times, 26 August 2021


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