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‘Unrelenting’ pressure forces hospital to turn away non-emergency patients from A&E

According to reports, a hospital in the northeast of England is having to turn away non-emergency patients from A&E due to "unrelenting" pressures on the service. This new policy was announced on Tuesday by Hull Teaching Hospitals Trust, warning patients they may need to travel up to 30 miles in order to receive care. 

Dr Makani Purva, chief medical officer said in a statement on the trust website on Tuesday: “Staff are working incredibly hard to provide care for patients in challenging circumstances but we need people to use the full range of services available. One in four patients who attend A&E in Hull could have been treated more appropriately elsewhere, that’s around 100 patients every day. So from today, after an initial screening process, those arriving at A&E who could safely be cared for elsewhere will be referred on to one of several alternative care centres and providers. Doing so will help us to reduce waiting times for more seriously ill patients and ensure they receive the priority care they need in hospital, while enabling those patients with non-urgent needs to receive care more quickly from a suitably skilled health professional elsewhere.”

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Source: The Independent, 24 August 2021


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