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Moving A&E patients to other departments has ‘high mishap rate’

The authors of a new study in Australia, published in the Emergency Medicine Journal, have said moving emergency care patients to other hospital departments by wheelchair or trolley is prone to a high rate of mishaps, with nearly 40% leading to incidents.

The study, which took place at Austin Hospital, a teaching hospital in the Melbourne suburb of Heidelberg, also found endotracheal tubes, ventilator hoses, and arterial lines were also associated with high mishap rates. 

“Risk events are common and some result in harm. Risk factors include a high equipment number, transport to a ward and some abnormal vital signs. As many risk events are likely preventable, our identified predisposing factors may inform preventative strategies that may benefit other emergency departments.” The authors have said. 

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Source: Nursing Times, 24 August 2021


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