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Record 1 million 999 calls made to NHS in July

Latest data has revealed more than one million 999 calls were placed in July, showing paramedics were sent out to 82,000 emergencies last month and 8,000 more than the record set in June. This comes after A&E departments became overwhelmed with an influx of new patients over the summer, with many hospitals having to cancel operations due to being dangerously understaffed. 

Dr Katherine Henderson, president of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine has said, "The NHS has been running hot for months now and these figures show we are nearly at boiling point. We are worried that the public think things are getting back to normal on the virtual eve of a further reduction in restrictions, and messages from the centre that say things are OK are disingenuous – the reality is that the health service is really struggling."

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Source: The Independent, 12 August 2021


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