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NHS Digital gives patients easier access to who uses their data

A new tool by NHS Digital has recently been launched that will allow patients to see which organisations can access their data. The Data Uses Register has revealed which organisations can access the data, such as public sector bodies and charities. Each organisation wanting to use the data must have a legitimate and legal reason such as health and care planning and research purposes. 

Simon Bolton, NHS Digital’s interim CEO, said: “The new Data Uses Register is an important improvement to make our data sharing agreements more transparent and user-friendly. We take our responsibility as the guardians of NHS data very seriously and we are committed to being transparent so that people can see exactly who their data has been shared with and why. It is important that the public can see openly and clearly how NHS data is shared to build confidence and trust and this new tool will help to ensure that.” Simon Bolton, NHS Digital’s interim CEO, has said. 

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Source: Digital Health, 27 July 2021


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