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One in two care workers verbally and physically abused by care home residents


Nearly half of care workers in care homes have been both physically and verbally abused by the residents they are supporting, according to new research.

A poll of 2,803 staff working in care homes revealed 17% have received verbal abuse from residents and 11% have been subject to physical abuse.

A spokesperson for carehome.co.uk, said: “All over the UK, care workers are doing physically and emotionally demanding jobs on often low pay and long hours. Yet at the same time, the rewards of working in a care home can be huge, as you can build strong relationships with the people you care for and make deep, emotional connections."

“Lashing out at staff is often a sign of frustration and it is vital care homes give staff dementia training so they can find the reasons behind this challenging behaviour. Care workers do such an important job and with around three-quarters of people in care homes having dementia, it is vital care workers are given adequate support and specialist training to care for them.”

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Source: Carehome.co.uk, 10 May 2019

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