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Covid: Pregnant women in Wales 'still go it alone'


Pregnant women are facing a postcode lottery over whether they can bring a partner to maternity appointments.

Health boards were given flexibility in November to allow pregnant woman in low Covid rate areas to take their partners to maternity appointments.

But many parts of Wales with the lowest rates are still forcing pregnant women to attend some appointments alone.

There are calls, as lockdown eases, for partners Wales-wide to be allowed to all appointments and during labour.

Emma Fear, 30, was not able to take her partner with her to hospital when she experienced bleeding during pregnancy in June last year and was told, alone, that she was losing her baby.

She then had to repeat the news to her partner, who was waiting outside in the car.

"At the time, he could have come and sat outside a pub with me, but he couldn't come with me when I'd had severe bleeding and knew I had probably lost my baby."

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Source: BBC News, 2 May 2021

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