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'Long Covid has destroyed me but I am fighting back'


Health coach Jasmine Hayer had to give up her life in London and move back in with her parents after catching Covid. Now she is focused on a twin goal - battling back to health while helping others get the right treatment for Long Covid.

Dr William Man, the head of the Royal Brompton Hospital's chest clinic, started treating her in December, as part of a clinic seeing 100 severe long Covid cases in the UK.

Jasmine describes it as a "complete game changer".

However, she worries that other so-called "long haulers" are not getting the help they need because they face "such a battle" to be taken seriously.

She decided to start a blog to document her symptoms and wants to share her story as widely as possible in the hope of helping others.

"I've had messages from around the world and I was so happy to hear that one girl has shown her doctor my blog and he is giving her more tests as a result," she says.

"I know how lonely and scary it is when you are fighting to be believed. You are literally on your own."

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Source: BBC News, 7 April 2021

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