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Mind calls for further GP training to better inform over mental health medication side effects

Mental health charity, Mind, have found in their annual survey that people are being prescribed medication for mental health issues without being told of the side effects.

In response, the charity is calling for more mental health training to be made available for GPs. 

Mind’s Big Mental Health Survey, asks people currently battling with mental health issues to disclose experiences of care and services they have received. More than 12,000 participants found that, when prescribed new medication, only 21% said that they were definitely given an explanation about the potential side effects. It showed that 50% of people didn’t receive enough information about the purpose of any new medication.

More than 40% of all doctors’ appointments are related to mental health, yet GPs receive no mandatory, practise-based training.

Mind wants GPS to have a wide range of training available to them, ensuring they have the confidence to provide quality support for those struggling with mental health.

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Source: National Health Executive, 2 October 2019


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