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Patient Safety Movement: Lewis Blackman Leadership Award


In honor and recognition of the 20th anniversary of Lewis Blackman’s death on 6 November 2000, an award has been established with the goal of recognising outstanding leadership in patient safety by students pursuing a health profession and residents in training. Lewis Blackman was an outstanding student himself and because his mother, Helen Haskell, has dedicated her life to improving patient safety, especially through education, the Lewis Blackman Leadership Award has been created.

The Lewis Blackman Leadership Award will be awarded to an active health professional student or resident who has demonstrated exemplary leadership skills in patient safety in ways that will contribute to the vision of ZERO preventable patient deaths.

The purpose of the Lewis Blackman Leadership Award is to acknowledge the work being done by our future leaders, encouraging them to pursue a career in healthcare grounded in patient safety.

Eligibility criteria for nominations

Any student or resident, domestic or international, currently working toward an advanced degree or board certification in healthcare or a healthcare-related field, including but not limited to: MD/DO, DPT, PharmD, MHA/DHA, MPH/DPH, MSN/DNP, and PhD. Self-nominations are welcome.

Application Dates:

Take nominations: December 15 – January 31st

Judging period: January 31st – February 15th 

Announcement of Winner: March 1st 

Further information

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