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Long Covid: St Annes man 'never recovered' from long-term effects


A man who was the last patient to leave Blackpool Victoria Hospital's intensive care unit after being treated for COVID-19 in July has died.

Roehl Ribaya spent 60 days in intensive care in the summer but "never recovered" from the long-term effects of the virus. 

The Filipino aerospace engineer's family said the virus had taken a heavy toll on the 47-year-old even after he was discharged from hospital on 14 August. He had a cardiac arrest on 13 October and was in a coma until he died two days later.

His wife, Mrs Ricio-Ribaya, who lives in St Annes in Lancashire, said: "He was never the same. He was so breathless all the time.

"Please follow the government's advice so we can stop this virus. We don't want any more to die."

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Source: BBC News, 20 October 2020

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