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Investigation launched after seven ‘never events’ in two years at leading trust


An external review has been launched at a leading children’s hospital after a series of “never events”.

According to local commissioners, a review by the Association for Perioperative Practitioners will look into seven incidents at Alder Hey Children’s Foundation Trust over the last two years. The probe had been delayed by the pandemic and began this month.  

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children FT and Sheffield Children’s FT, the two other dedicated children’s trusts in England, reported one and four never events respectively, between April 2018 and July 2020, according to national data.

In a statement, Alder Hey claimed it could not provide further details of the incidents. But most have been described in its board papers over the past year. They include a 15-year-old who had the wrong tooth removed by the surgical division, a patient who had the wrong eye operated on, a swab that was left inside a patient having their adenoids and tonsils removed, and an incorrect implant being inserted into an orthopaedics patient.

Liverpool Clinical Commissioning’s group’s board papers for September said: “The trust has had a series of seven never events and there is a plan to undertake an external review that has been delayed due to the pandemic response. The trust has approached the Association for Perioperative Practitioners and have agreed the process."

“The trust also plans to work with Imperial College London on a peer review and bespoke human factors training to include simulation training and coaching. The trust also plans to produce an overarching action plan to bring together the themes and learning from the seven never events. This work is still underway and NHSE/I and CCG had requested a copy of this plan.”

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Source: HSJ, 24 September 2020

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