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AHSN's 'Patient Safety in Partnership' plan

The Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) has published their plan for a safer future: 'Patient Safety in partnership: Our plan for a safer future 2019-2025' . Their plan supports the NHS Patient Safety Strategy and sets out how England’s 15 AHSNs, and the Patient Safety Collaboratives (PSCs) they host, will work more closely with their local health and care organisations to improve safety both in hospitals and community-based services such as care homes.

AHSN's "ambition is to support the delivery of the NHS Patient Safety Strategy and therefore our vision is aligned to the national strategy: ‘for the NHS to continuously improve patient safety'.’'

Patient Safety Learning is delighted to be working with The AHSN and Patient Safety Collaboratives and welcomes their Patient Safety in Partnership plan:

"We believe that it will make a difference for patient safety and represents a step forward from the good work that AHSNs are already doing. We believe that there is opportunity for even more to be achieved with the resources, scale and capability within the AHSN networks. We absolutely applaud the statement that patient safety is a central priority and guiding principle for all AHSNs, and we recognise the AHSNs’ distinct role as orchestrators across the healthcare system. We think that AHSNs, with PSCs, can reinforce this position by taking a powerful role in bringing, enabling and supporting systems thinking for patient safety across healthcare."

Patient Safety Learning will be sharing details of the innovation and improvement programmes on the hub.


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