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    Been a nurse for nearly 30 years in various different guises. Patient safety has been at the foundations of my practice through out my career. Mistakes happen the key thing is we learn from them. IN NHS Supply chain we have a role to play in ensuring that the products that we procure on behalf of the NHS are of good quality, meet the needs of the end users and most importantly are safe. I see the hub as an invaluable resource of learning for NHS Supply chain and also a way for people to reach out directly.
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    Clinical Intelligence lead ( Interim head of safety)

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    NHS Supply Chain's vision and purpose is to support and enable the NHS to save lives and improve health. We are part of the NHS family and so share the mission of safer, better patient care every day. This means many things in the context of the supplies the NHS needs to provide care. It means understanding how the NHS delivers care for its patients. Understanding how doctors, nurses, midwives, allied health professionals (AHPs), in essence, all staff in the hospitals, in the wider community and on the ambulances access and use the products that they need every minute, every hour, every d