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Mental illness is a lie which causes untold damage

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I hallucinate + hear voices but I am not ill + do not take psychiatric drugs ....

For me , mental illness is a lie which causes untold damage ...

  • I have been gathering information around Mental Health hospital admissions / Haven / Maytree model / Homelessness ...
  • I have also gathered information around seclusion , electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), restraint and serious incidents ...

The data speaks for itself

Each admission, restraint, each seclusion, each serious incident is a human rights abuse.

We just need to listen?

Alexis Quinn?

Act wisely?

  • We are not using public money – our money well (each admission costs at least £18K)
  • We need to learn from Italy, Finland, Manchester and others.

Work together?

  • How will we put the change we need into action? not just strategy papers ?
  • We need the other part of this “picture” the data from the Haven and community.

In summary my aims are ...

  • All Mental Health Hospitals should be closed as per Italy; the Haven/ respite/ Home Group model should be adopted.
  • The Mental Health Act should be abolished, one of the few areas of law where you can be locked away for something you may do, by people who have a vested interest in locking you away. (James Davies work CRACKED why psychiatry is does more harm than good is relevant here?).
  • People should be supported to come off psychiatric drugs if this is their wish.
  • Move from a Medical model of distress to a social / Human Rights model of distress.

Ladder of Citizen control.pdf

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