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Priorities for Long Covid services, care and research

Event details

This Westminster conference will discuss the future for Long Covid research, services, and care.

It will be an opportunity to assess Long Covid: the NHS plan for improving Long Covid services and how its ambitions for improving access to services, patient experience and outcomes for patients can be achieved.

Further sessions examine priorities for research and improving understanding of Long Covid, looking at implementing the latest developments in research to improve services, and the long-term health implications of Long Covid.

There will also be discussion on addressing concerns around inequalities, capacity and wait times for Long Covid services, as well as the primary care referral system, and utilisation of investment.

Sessions in the agenda include:

  • latest developments: trends - key issues - assessing the NHS plan for improving long COVID services.
  • clinical research: taking forward the understanding of Long Covid - advancing clinical trials - utilising data - funding and investment.
  • improving patient outcomes, prediction and prevention - accelerating the development of effective treatments - areas for focus, such as cardiology.
  • examining the increased risk of long-term health conditions and impacts of reinfection for Long Covid patients.
  • improving specialist Long Covid services: progress made so far and priorities for moving forward.
  • options for increasing capacity - addressing inequalities in provision, access to services and information - applying latest developments from research.
  • children’s Long Covid services: assessing delivery - implications for child development and attainment.
  • primary care: tackling key challenges for diagnosis and referral.
  • the workforce: priorities for education and training - support for long COVID patients in the workforce.


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