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Coronavirus: 'Difficult' cancer care decisions taken

Cancer doctors say difficult decisions are having to be made to postpone some patients' care during the coronavirus crisis.

Some treatments such as chemotherapy can weaken the immune system, and potentially put patients at greater risk from COVID-19. Some of those affected have been expressing concern.

Roisin Pelan is 38 and lives in Lancashire. She has incurable breast cancer and had been taking chemotherapy tablets every day. Every three months she also visits the hospital to receive the drug intravenously. Last month she was told her chemotherapy treatment would be stopped for 12 weeks.

"It's terrifying they've stopped treatment that I know is keeping me alive," she says.

"To have that taken away is just unbearable. How do we know it's only going to be 12 weeks? This pandemic could go on a lot longer."

NHS England has told trusts that all essential and urgent cancer treatments must continue but specialists should discuss with patients whether it is riskier for them to undergo it or delay.

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Source: BBC News, 13 April 2020


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