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Urgent warning over fake oxygen supplied to dentists as health chiefs launch criminal probe

Dentists across Britain have been given 'falsified' oxygen supplies. 'Several' practices have been told to immediately stop using a batch of tanks and replace them with 'legitimate stock'.

Tricodent Limited, the Sussex-based firm which supplied the oxygen, is now under criminal investigation. 

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has not said how the oxygen was falsified, and they stated that the risk to public health and patient safety was 'low'.

The MHRA alert urged affected practices to check their oxygen cylinders. If any are labelled 'Medical Oxygen B.P PL No 04280/0001 MEDIGAS OXYGEN', they should be replaced with legitimate stock immediately, the MHRA said.

All remaining stock must be quarantined, the agency added.

The MHRA did not, however, confirm the number or locations of impacted practices.

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Source: Mail Online, 6 June 2023


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