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GPs urged to trial experimental drugs on patients

Lord O’Shaughnessy has carried out a widespread review of clinical trials in Britain and found it is falling behind in medical research.

He has suggested a raft of reforms, which include financial incentives for GPs who carry out community drugs and treatments trials on their patients at local surgeries or in their own homes.

Patients who receive genomic testing on the NHS should also be automatically asked to consent to their genetic data being used for research, the report recommends.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has been told to cut red tape and speed up approvals for medicines. It has also been asked to approve clinical trials within 60 days of submission.

Writing in The Telegraph, Will Quince, Minister of State for Health and Secondary Care, said: “Cutting the time it takes for new medicines to reach patients is vital and has a direct impact on how patients recover faster or better manage conditions.

“We want to make it easier for more people to be a part of life-changing research and giving the option to take part in trials virtually will improve the scope of who wants to, or can take part.

“From cancer to obesity, these research studies can lead to billions of pounds in savings for the NHS and cut waiting lists through faster diagnosis and enhanced treatment.”

Read full story (paywalled_

Source: The Telegraph, 26 May 2023


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