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Essex GP struck off over 'sexually motivated' examination

A GP accused of trying to pull down a patient's gym shorts and of touching her genitalia has been struck off the medical register.

The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service found Dr Kamran Ali's behaviour towards four women at a surgery in Essex amounted to misconduct.

The tribunal heard he had not practised since the allegations in 2016.

The 44-year-old, of Glendale Gardens, Leigh-on-Sea, was cleared of criminal charges following a trial in 2018.

Panel chairman William Hoskins said at the tribunal on Thursday that erasing him from the register was necessary to "protect public confidence in the medical profession".

A female patient - referred to as Patient C - reported his behaviour to police in the November.

She had complained of spots on her face, white coating on her tongue and wanted a repeat prescription for anxiety medication.

The panel heard Dr Ali began to pull down her gym shorts and examined her genitalia without wearing gloves and without obtaining consent.

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Source: BBC News, 23 May 2023


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