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'My daughter's Long Covid is not nonsense'

In September 2021 Caitlin Glasgow, then 10-years-old, was diagnosed with Covid. She never fully recovered.

"The rest of Caitlin's classmates all returned to school after isolating for 10 days, but she was still in bed after six weeks," recalls her mother Lorna.

Lorna believes her daughter has Long Covid. She is one of 175,000 people in Scotland who say they are still affected by the illness.

Lorna, who lives in Penicuik in Midlothian, said her local GP was helpful and concerned for Caitlin, but it has been difficult to understand why she hasn't recovered like her friends.

"She still gets pains in her legs, that's probably the worst thing along with the fatigue. There's breathlessness, chest and tummy pain, brain fog and she gets quite light-headed at times."

A report published by a Scottish government committee said tackling the stigma around long Covid needs "urgent" action.

The Covid-19 recovery committee has outlined a raft of measures to improve awareness of the condition among healthcare professionals.

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Source: BBC News, 26 April 2023


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