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Nurses from Northwest Pennsylvania fight for patient safety

Nurses from Northwest Pennsylvania convened at a billboard calling for greater limitations on the number of patients a nurse can attend to during a shift. The advertisement, located on state Route 8 outside of Centerville, is one of two billboards that Nurses of Pennsylvania, a non-profit advocacy group in the US for nurses and patients, crowd funded in order to raise awareness about the issue of safe staffing and possible legislation.

Registered nurse Kimberly Aldrich, said: “What gets me is that this is not an unprecedented idea in Pennsylvania... When we drop our kids off at daycare, we can rest assured that the facility is legally required to adhere to limits on the number of kids a childcare worker can be assigned. Why should we accept less if our kids are in the hospital?”

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Source: The Titusville Herald, USA, 24 July 2019



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