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EFORT takes on the demanding implant and patient safety initiative

When orthopaedic surgeons plan a surgical procedure, they demand that safe implants be used. When a patient accepts to undergo surgery, he or she expects the implants used to be safe. When the manufacturer produces and delivers implantsto be used in patients, they take the implants through a meticulous investigation followed by an evaluation of the products by regulators and notified bodies, before the implant is released for free use on the European market by physicians. In this way, all “stakeholders” expect and desire to do their best to bring about safe implants that are used in surgery for patients, which fulfills patients’ expectations of receiving safe treatment.

However, history has shown that, although all participants in this process do their job to treat the patient safely, some implants may still unexpectedly fail. We need to know why this occurs and the trends associated with such failures, such as whether the implant or patient’s characteristics led to the problem or if there is some unforeseen reason that caused the implant to fail.

Incoming EFORT president Prof. Klaus-Peter Günther, of Dresden, Germany, has set up regular meetings to bring all 'stakeholders' in the safety of orthopaedic implants together to regularly discuss relevant issues related to safe implants used to safely treat patients. 

EFORT held the first such meeting, “EFORT Implant & Patient Safety Initiative. Inauguration Workshop,” on 21 January 21 in Brussels. Fifty participants from the EU Commission, notified bodies, regulators, patient organizations, European orthopaedic specialty societies, manufacturers and EFORT board participated in this first initiative. 

The next meeting on this initiative will be held on 10 June during the EFORT Congress in Vienna, Austria.

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Source: Orthopedics Today, 13 February 2020


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