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Pictured: Doctor shows army of ‘pointless’ forms burying NHS hospitals

“Pointless” bureaucracy is helping hospitals grind to a halt, a leading doctor has warned.

Dr Gordon Caldwell, who has just retired after 40 years as an NHS hospital consultant, said “horribly inefficient” paperwork around patients moving in and out of wards is fuelling record delays.

The senior doctor took a photograph of all the forms required for one medical admission to an NHS hospital, laid against his 5ft 10in frame.

Dr Caldwell said promises by the NHS to “digitise” the health service had simply seen needless bureaucracy transferred on to poor computer systems that were often incompatible with each other.

The specialist in general medicine and diabetes endocrinology said: “A few years ago there were estimates that nurses were spending around 50 per cent of their time on paperwork;  now I’d say it’s closer to 70 per cent.”

“It’s bureaucratic and it’s very slow and horribly inefficient,” he said.

Read full story (paywalled)

Source: The Times, 21 January 2023


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