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UK Covid modelling data to stop being published

Coronavirus modelling data will stop being published in early January, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) says.

Statistics covering the growth rate of the virus are currently released fortnightly, but the agency says this is no longer necessary.

Chief data scientist Dr Nick Watkins said this is due to the UK living with Covid-19 because of vaccines and therapeutics.

At the height of the pandemic both the R rate and growth rate for England were published weekly. Since April this year it has been published fortnightly.

Dr Watkins said it served as a useful and simple indicator to inform public health action and government decisions.

"Vaccines and therapeutics have allowed us to move to a phase where we are living with Covid-19," Dr Watkins said.

"We continue to monitor Covid-19 activity in a similar way to how we monitor a number of other common illnesses and diseases.

"All data publications are kept under constant review and this modelling data can be reintroduced promptly if needed, for example, if a new variant of concern was to be identified."

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Source: BBC News, 26 December 2022


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