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Ambulance workers in England to strike again in January

Ambulance staff in five areas of England are to stage two further strikes in January, union leaders say.

The industrial action on 11 and 23 January is likely to heap more pressure on emergency care, which is already under serious strain.

Health Secretary Steve Barclay said further strike action was in no one's best interest.

Unison leaders say the action is a direct result of the government's refusal to negotiate over pay.

Life-threatening calls to 999, as well as the most serious emergency calls, will still be responded to, they say.

Services in London, Yorkshire, the North West, North East and South West will take action over pay and staffing.

The January strikes will each last for 24 hours from midnight, Unison says, and will involve all ambulance employees - not just 999 response crews.

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Source: BBC News, 22 December 2022


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