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Zambia: Avoid buying medicines in undesignated places such as buses

Copperbelt province Clinical Care Specialist Morgan Mweene has warned people against buying medicines from undesignated places such as buses or on the street as the trend is risky to their health.

And stakeholders on the Copperbelt have come together to advocate for reduced deaths or disability related cases resulting from wrong administering of medicine to patients in health facilities.

Speaking at the inaugural World Patient Safety Day, commemorated in Ndola under the theme, “Medication Safety”, Dr Mweene emphasised the need for people to avoid buying medicines from undesignated places such as buses and on the streets.

He further urged patients to take keen interest in medication given at hospitals.

“As health workers, we also need to take interest in patients. As health workers let us not tire as we the custodian of health. It is our duty that we take keen interest of whatever we administer to our patients,” he said.

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Source: Mwebantu, 30 September 2022


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