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Why is Britain still lagging behind on cancer care?

Cancer patients in this country should have the best survival chances in the world. With its universal healthcare system and world-leading researchers, the UK should be able to offer every patient the knowledge and reassurance that their disease will be picked up quickly and treated rapidly, with the best that science can throw at it.

Yet Britain languishes towards the bottom of developed nations’ league tables of cancer performance. On nearly every metric this is one of the worst places in the western world to get cancer — and some experts fear that survival rates are about to go backwards for the first time in a generation.

Britain is now operating a “late diagnosis service” for the disease, a former UK cancer tsar has said, while waiting times are creeping up and up and nearly half of patients are diagnosed when their tumours have already spread, slashing their survival chances.

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Source: The Times, 22 October 2022


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