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Hospital admissions for deadly sepsis have doubled in three years

Hospital admissions for sepsis in England have more than doubled in three years, according to new figures that shows a rise in recorded admissions among all age groups, including the very young.

The NHS Digital data shows there were 350,344 recorded hospital admissions with a first or second diagnosis of sepsis in 2017/18, up from 169,125 three years earlier. This includes 38,401 admissions among those aged four years and under, up from 30,981 in 2015/16. For all children and young people aged 24 years and under, there were 48,647 admissions in 2017/18.

Dr Ron Daniels, Chief Executive of the UK Sepsis Trust, and Patient Safety Learning topic leader, said the scale of the problem in children looks “alarming”, adding: “What this means is that parents need to continue to be aware of meningitis, but to arguably be even more aware of sepsis as it affects far more children and can be equally deadly.” He said: “These potentially alarming data show that the number of recorded episodes of sepsis has more than doubled in just three years, a period coinciding with the recent focus on sepsis by the NHS in England."

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Source: Mirror, 22 July 2019


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