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New data highlights postcode lottery in ovarian cancer diagnosis

Women in some parts of the country are half as likely to be diagnosed with ovarian cancer as elsewhere, new analysis of NHS data has revealed.

The proportion of women diagnosed at an early stage of the disease, when it is most susceptible to treatment, varied in some areas from 22% to 63%.

UK survival rates for cancer have lagged behind other countries and NHS England has set a target to improve early diagnosis with an ambition to have 75% of all cancers diagnosed early by 2028.

The ovarian cancer audit data shows the UK is far from achieving this with only 33% of cancers diagnosed at stage one or two while 50% of cancers were detected at stage three and four.

Chief Executive of Ovarian Cancer Action, Cary Wakefield, said: “Diagnosing ovarian cancer at the earliest stages is crucial, but sadly as we gather data it is clear that a postcode lottery exists around the country, with some areas diagnosing significantly more patients early than others. We want to see all patients diagnosed early enough to get treatment and survive this disease, no matter where they live.”

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Source: The Independent, 9 January 2020


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