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NHS doctors' paperwork piles up after cyber-attack

Doctors say it could take months to process mounting piles of medical paperwork caused by a continuing cyber-attack on an NHS supplier.

One out-of-hours GP says patient care is being badly affected as staff enter a fourth week of taking care notes with pen and paper.

The ransomware attack against software and services provider Advanced was first spotted on 4 August.

The company says it may take another 12 weeks to get some services back online.

Dr Fay Wilson, who manages an urgent-care centre in the West Midlands, says the main choke point for her team is with patient records.

She said it could affect patient care "because we can't send notifications to GP practices, except by methods that don't work because they require a lot of manual handling, and we haven't got the staff to actually do the manual handling".

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Source: BBC News, 31 August 2022


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