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Covid in pregnancy linked to birth-related complications

A new study has linked COVID-19 to complications during pregnancy.

Scottish researchers found that women who catch the virus near the end of pregnancy were more vulnerable to birth-related complications. They are more likely to suffer them than women who catch Covid in early pregnancy or not at all.

The researchers say getting vaccinated is crucial to protect pregnant women and their babies from life-threatening complications.

The latest findings come from the Covid in Pregnancy Study (Cops), which carried out research across Scotland to learn about the incidence and outcomes of Covid-19 infection and vaccination in pregnancy. It is one of the first national studies of pregnancy and Covid.

They found that preterm births, stillbirths and newborn deaths were more common among women who had the virus 28 days, or less, before their delivery date. The majority of complications occurred in unvaccinated women.

The results, which have been published in Nature Medicine, come after recent data showed 98% of pregnant women admitted to UK intensive care units with coronavirus symptoms were unvaccinated.

Researchers are now calling for measures to increase vaccine uptake in pregnant women.

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Source: BBC News, 13 January 2022


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