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Hospital deploys new £700,000 computer system to improve patient safety in intensive care unit

A new £700,000 computer system has been deployed in an intensive care unit at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. The new Philips system will replace bedside charts, freeing up clinical time and improving patient safety at the NHS Grampian hospital.

ICU clinical director Dr Iain MacLeod said: “At the heart of this change is patient safety. The system records physical measurements like blood pressure and heart rate as well as blood results and parameters from the various machines used in ICU, such as dialysis machines and ventilators."

“It will also save on staff time. Currently medical staff members waste lots of time transcribing blood results from a computer onto sheets of paper. The new system allows this to happen automatically. That’s great from a timesaving point of view but more importantly there will be a reduction of errors that can happen when writing something down.”

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Source: FutureScot, 11 November 2019


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